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JAI AMBEY EMERGENCY SERVICES (I) PRIVATE LIMITED (JAES) was founded about a decade ago and subsequently is incorporated on the 11th of June 2015 under the Companies Act of 2013 to provide, maintain, hire, undertake and run Emergency Services.

With the aim of providing all kinds of fast services in medical emergencies in India or elsewhere and to provide out-of-hospital acute medical care, hearse van, transport to definitive care Ambulance Service for medical transport to patients with illnesses and injuries which prevent the patient from transporting and to provide first aid including first aid squad, emergency squad, rescue squad, ambulance squad, ambulance service, ambulance corps,

and life squad to the patients and transport them to the nearest hospitals in as shortest possible time, with the co-ordination of Emergency Response Centre (ERC) and maintain emergency telephone number

which puts the patients in contact with the control facility, which will the dispatch a suitable resource to deal with the situation and to provide the emergency response services with Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) to needy people and also to provide the citizens in an emergency the benefit of getting timely attention and support emergency being occurrence of any sudden event that threatens life, health property, order of daily life.


Jai Ambey Emergency Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. is identical as an organization of service with great thought of Rick Warren that β€œThe only way to serve God is by serving other people.”


With the help of Govt. we can provide Ambulance service and Hearse Van Service to needy and through this service, JAES aims to develop a sustainable Ambulance Service, Mobile Medical Unit and Hearse Van Service for India as part of its objective to maintain and manage hearse van service in pursuance of that is ready to enter into Public – Private – Partnership across various states of the Country.

In India rural sector needs more efforts for development in health sector. Quality of life in the most of rural areas is inhumane. That is why we have put in more energy in health development and our focus in Rural Areas.


To improve uptake of curative and preventive health services such as facilitate health department to ensure immunisation, antenatal and post natal care, and general OPD services, in the identified villages/regions, with the aim of reducing the incidence of common illnesses and lowering maternal mortality and infant mortality.

To provide regular qualitative primary health services in the Project area.
Referral services for identified complicated cases (referrals will be done to Government institutions and identified private institutions).
Health Data management with social & economic scenario (maximum persons will be approached.)
Lab & other tests as per requirement will do by lab technician.
Health Camp will be organized at the identified cluster level either on fortnightly basis or on monthly basis. Here the target will be to call specialist of Medical field.


Sensing that Medicare is the most important component of Urban & Village poor life, JAI AMBEY EMERGENCY SERVICES (I) PRIVATE LIMITED (JAES) has proposed a unique project Mobile Medicare Unit. There are persons who are too vulnerable and old to visit hospital for treatment & are too poor to afford it.

It hence, becomes necessary to bring medical facilities at their doorsteps. This tragedy of old age magnifies in proportion, if elderly person is financially poor. He not only faces neglect of family, but does not receive

proper nutrition, medical facilities & various things necessary in twilight years of life. Considering the size of population, who cannot afford medical treatment, this number is a drop in ocean. Deployment of MMCUs to various uncovered areas is a major challenge.

MMU is highly potential project & has the ability to penetrate deeper into the society. Since a social worker always accompanies MMU, wide reaching effects can be created through medical & other kinds of care. This potential is yet to be realized.


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